“Discipleship doesn’t make the difference; discipleship is the difference.” —Global Activation

Discipleship is the difference between a stunted believer and a joyful, fruitful, maturing believer. Discipleship isn’t accidental. It is intentional and deliberate to your personal growth and fulfilment of God’s call on your life. Every believer is called to follow Jesus in discovering their true significance and calling!

Through the NEW MAN discipleship process, you will learn your true identity – who you are in Christ, grow in spiritual formation and be empowered to share the gospel organically with those in your natural social network. You will thrive in an environment of praying, caring and sharing without minimizing the cost, risk and sacrifice which mission demands. In simple terms, we invite you to take the journey into holistic biblical discipleship.

Apply to New Man

It is strongly recommended that every participant is computer literate to be able to participate.
Participants are expected to have devices that are compatible with the Zoom App for the mandatory online sessions