“Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ” —Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The basic invitation Jesus gave to everyone was “Follow Me!” He came, not just as Savior but also as Lord. Embracing the call to live under His Lordship is what brings the discovery of our true identity, personal significance and missional purpose. As He did 2000 years ago, Jesus is still calling many today to follow.

FOLLOW is a tool and a process that helps anyone understand the high call to discipleship, apply the teachings of Jesus to real life, learn in a facilitative environment and share with others what God is teaching them. It is used by small groups anywhere including families, students ministries, church-home cells and workplace fellowships to discover what it truly means to be a follower, not just a mere fan of Jesus.

My Follow Story

Join a movement of young people whose lives have been transformed
and who have discovered and are pursuing the purpose for which they were born



I’ve experienced an amazing freedom in following Christ and letting Him lead!









Applying the lessons I learned from Follow in my daily life helps keep me on track.








Now I know from experience that indeed there’s no Christianity without discipleship.








I have finally surrendered my ambitions for God’s own plans.







Follow has helped me to forgive and reconcile with people who had hurt me deeply in my life.







Follow brought me to the point where I sacrificed my most important things to Christ!






Have A Feel

Listen to selected teachings from the Follow course

Apply to Follow

It is strongly recommended that every participant is computer literate to be able to participate.
Participants are expected to have devices that are compatible with the Zoom App for the mandatory online sessions