Activate is a ministry of GLOBAL ACTIVATION committed to discipling, training and mobilizing gospel workers for the global harvest.

Still Unreached


Almost half the world is yet to hear...

No Better Time for Impact
Than Now!

Every Disciple  Every Nation

Together with you, we can send a new generation of disciples to “go… make disciples of all nations”

Since 2017, we have focused on activating more laborers in the East and Horn of Africa region, developing and deploying the human and material resources for the advancement of the Great Commission  We do this through facilitating Missions Mobilization, Disciple Making Movements (DMM), Bible Distribution, Church Planting and Transformation Projects, all in collaboration with ministry partners.

Nigeria: People Groups: 523 (13% unreached)

Missions vision was birthed in the 1970s through revival among university students. This vision has blossomed into a movement accounting for over 5,000 Nigerian missionaries at home and abroad, helping lead the way for Africa-wide mission mobilization.

Our Recent Projects

Here are a few recent projects to connect with. Our projects are prayerfully driven to advanced the Kingdom in areas of greatest need for greatest imapct.
Dadaab Economic Empowerment Project
Dadaab Economic Empowerment Project
Compassion in the Dessert
Compassion in the Dessert
Rural Women Empowerment Project
Rural Women Empowerment Project

One Agenda

“If only 0.1% of African Evangelicals were mobilized to go, it would be the largest mission movement in history” – Center for Mission Mobilization

The Great Commission is so great that it requires the whole Church to take the whole Gospel to the whole world. At ACTIVATE, we have only one agenda: to connect the human, spiritual and material resources to the places that are least reached!


We journey with individuals and groups to send short term teams to where there is great gospel poverty and connect long term workers to mission opportunities in various locations and countries.


In partnership with WORLD MISSION, we equip frontier workers with the Word of God in audio format and other relevant media tools to engage remote locations where listening groups are formed, often leading to pioneer church planting.


We invite partners to join us in meeting critical needs such as potable water, relief to refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, medical and educational projects as part of demonstrating a holistic gospel.

Our Partners

We don't work alone. We join hands with burdened individuals and organizations to advance the Great Commission more effectively together.

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You can participate in advancing the gospel to the unreached peoples through ACTIVATE Missions by...


Prayer is the engine for global missions. You’re invited to the BURNING HEARTS prayer retreats and monthly gatherings where we teach on related topics to prayer and the spiritual life, discipleship, global missions and actually take time for focused intercession. You can also receive periodic mission updates to fuel your prayer life.


Money is the wheels that gets the gospel to the field. You can bless the nations by giving financial and other resources towards any of our community transformation projects aimed at empowering the poor, the displaced and the persecuted with basic needs and income generating opportunities that pave way for the gospel into these communities.


A life abandoned in service to others is the clearest model of Jesus to the world. Using your skills, talents or professional platform to serve the nations is a great way to multiply gospel impact. We are called to GIVE UP our need to be served and instead seek ways to serve the lost, the least and the last through short term and long term mission service.

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“The Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together.”
―Steve Moore